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We appreciate all your questions and interest in duplexpackslip.

After responding to hundreds of duplexpackslip phone calls and email questions we have developed a list of over 30 Frequently Asked Questions. The list contains questions such as:

How will the two sided printer know to match the correct Shipping Label and the correct Packing Slip with 100% accuracy?What if some of our Packing Slips are longer than can fit on your duplexpackslip?

Some of our end customers require 8.5 x 11 size Packing Slips. How do you suggest we handle these customers?

My boss asked me to call you and research duplexpackslip. I told my boss that we get our Shipping Labels for free from our parcel carrier. How can you compete with free?

Can you make duplexpackslip with a return label?

For answers and solutions to these sample questions and additional questions please contact Bruce Raming (Inventor) at 800-648-3677 x 2713 or email raming@premierprint.com and mention the list of Frequently Asked Questions.